Sarah Miller Book Signing

At the book signing, fans will be seeking to find out whether this is a one off comic book or the first of a series of many.

Sarah Miller is not only a runner up for the Ink Master for season 2 but also she is arguably one of the greatest comic illustrators of our time and she is coming to town for a book signing of her famous comic piece “The Valkyrie’s Wode”. The Book Signing will happen at the Tormented Souls Tattoo and Piercing Parlor. Admission is free and the comic book will cost you $5.

Ever since Ms Miller appeared in a tattoo reality show, she has garnered a whole new bunch of followers, which will obviously work to her advantage, especially with her book signing. The meet and greet tour would not be complete without weighing the good and the bad before giving the verdict of the book.

The Book Signing at Tormented Souls will also treat tattoo enthusiasts to some special treats, you know, as only Sarah Miller can give. If you wish to be tattooed by one of the greatest tattoo artist that ever lived, you have to show up at the Book Signing at Tormented Souls.

Stop by October 13th, 2014 for this one time occasion!