What to Avoid when Looking for a Tattoo Shop

If you are planning to get a tattoo, one of the most important things you need to do is to look for a tattoo shop. Since tattooing is a booming business, with tattoo studios popping up everywhere, you should know what to avoid when looking for a tattoo shop.

It is important to choose a studio with the best equipment, working conditions and the right personnel. Selecting the best tattoo shop has several benefits. You can expect quality services, safe and painless methods and a hygienic environment. There are certain red flags that you should watch out for when selecting a tattoo studio.

Here is what to avoid when looking for a tattoo shop:

  1. An unkempt shop

Once you enter into a tattoo shop, one glance around the premises should tell you whether to continue looking or to subscribe to their services. If they cannot keep their environment clean, how are you sure they will do the same during the operation? Remember that a tattoo is engraved onto your body and thus, an infectious atmosphere is the last thing you want.  Look around to see the arrangement of the things in the shop. Keeping in mind what to avoid when looking for a tattoo shop, do you see piercing equipment lying on the floor? Are there patches of ink all over the place? Such an environment should tell you that it is not a good tattoo studio.

  1. Novice or untrained artists

You certainly do not want to entrust your health to somebody who does not know what they are doing. Thus, if you find that the tattoo artists in the place where you intend to get your tattoo done lack basic training on the prevention of spreading disease-causing microbes, you should look some more. This is an essential consideration to make if you want to avoid infections, which might arise from unhygienic operations. The lack of trained artists falls snugly into the category of what to avoid when looking for a tattoo shop. If an artist is trained, it means that they love their job and they will do everything possible to keep their shop infection-free and attractive.

  1. Unclean and unprotected furniture

The furniture in the studio could spread germs. With so many people coming and leaving the joint, you can be assured that microbes will linger and multiply around the furniture. As a rule, it is crucial for the furniture to be sanitized and wrapped with a polythene covering. The wrap should be removed after each client finishes.

Preferably, the covering should be disposable. This way, the spread of disease-causing pathogens is kept to a minimum or eradicated completely. The last thing you want is to have to seek medication after a nasty infection affects the tattooed area. This is just one reason why it is important to know what to avoid when looking for a tattoo shop.

  1. Use the same cups to store the drawing ink

Ink is used to color the tattoo. The artists use a fine brush to shade the tattoo. Chances are that the brush will be contaminated after long usage. If you want to know about what to avoid when looking for a tattoo shop, if you notice that the artist uses the same cans of ink for all their clients, just move on and look for a better place. While a tattoo is an emblem of beauty, do not sacrifice your health for looks. Instead, look for a studio where they have enough disposable containers to hold the ink. This way, the probability of you getting an infection will be minimal.

  1. Have already opened needles

It is to your own benefit to ensure that needles are opened as you observe. If the artist goes inside and comes out with their equipment together with unwrapped needles, simply walk out or insist on new needles. In a world where we have numerous viral infections, you cannot afford to be ignorant. Enlighten yourself on what to avoid when looking for a tattoo shop. Ignoring this could even cost you your life. Don’t ever take chances, especially with operations that will involve some piercing done on your body.

  1. Home based tattoo shops

If someone is tattooing from home, there are high chances that they do not have the money to by an autoclave. This is a hi-tech steam sterilizer that is commonly used in hospitals. If someone doesn’t have this piece of equipment, how do they sterilize their needles? In addition, those working from home may not provide every client with a new needle. If they sterilize needles using boiling water, know the heat produced by boiling water cannot kill most of the pathogens as some have a protective cover. Before you go for that cheap tattoo, understand what to avoid when looking for a tattoo shop.

  1. The artists ignored you

It is important to talk with the artist you will be working with. This way you are able to articulate your concerns to them before you proceed with becoming their client. If even after you enter the shop nobody wants to talk to you, it is justifiable to keep looking for a worthy tattoo shop. Communication is integral in tattooing operations. You are the one who knows what you want done, and it’s your body anyway. Hence, it beats logic when a tattoo artist cannot effectively talk to you. It has been said that people walk in tattoo studios and ask dumb questions. However, a serious artist who values his career will be there to answer even the dumbest questions that customers ask. Miscommunication or lack of good customer care is what to avoid when looking for a tattoo shop.

  1. They do not take your concerns seriously

Although it is good to take note of the suggestions made by the artist, you are still the main determiner of what design you will take home on your body. If even after telling them you do not like the drawing the artist does not heed to your concerns, you should think of moving to the next shop in the lane. Always remember that it is your body and your preferences should come first. This is among the things classified under what to avoid when looking for a tattoo shop.

  1. The portfolios are not to your expectations

A portfolio is also one of the helpful items if you know what to avoid when looking for a tattoo shop. If the portfolio presented by the artist is not as exhaustive as you would like it to be, move on please. For instance, the designs may be created poorly without definite lines. The color and the shading on the images might not have harmony. If you feel that the portfolio does not please you, you can be sure that most definitely the tattoos will not either when they are done. You should move on and look for a more experienced artist.

  1. Crude aftercare advice

As you interview the tattoo artist, one crucial thing you should dig out is their suggested aftercare solutions. An infection on any part of your body can really take a toll on your health. Just to be on the safe side, inquire about the best way to take care of the wound. If the artist gives you a crude way of managing the fresh wound, do not attempt to hire them. You should also look for an artist who can arrange a proper follow-up with you, just to ensure that you are healing ok. You should never take chances with any kind of piercing on your skin and thus, poor aftercare advice is one of the things included in what to avoid when looking for a tattoo shop.

  1. Too cheap for comfort

Every tattoo enthusiast knows that a good tattoo will cost you a substantial amount of money. Good means that the tattoo is well manicured, with lines and features standing out in a balanced way. It must also have proper color balances so that it looks real in all aspects. It is human nature to want to go for cheap things, but for your own sake, do not let that principle apply when you are finding a tattoo studio. It so happens that often artists who offer cheap tattooing services are inexperienced and unskilled. They only charge low prices to remain relevant and make a living. Now that you know what to avoid when you are looking for a tattoo shop, watch out for the cheap price tags of some of the studios.

  1. Do not have a license

If a tattoo parlor is licensed, it means that the federal government approves of their activities. To establish a tattoo studio, one needs permits and licensing from the relevant authorities. For example, you need a permit from the public health authorities and other licenses that are relevant to this type of business. An absence of licensing and permits is among what to avoid when looking for a tattoo shop.

With the information given above, you now know what to avoid when looking for a tattoo shop. You can now walk into any tattoo shop and do a quick evaluation, after which you will know whether to give them the job or not. Good skills and experience of the artists, general hygiene of the shop, proper handling of the equipment and sanitization are paramount factors to consider when you are finding a tattoo studio. On the other hand, what to avoid when looking for a tattoo shop should be everything contrary to what has been listed.

There are many tattoo shops in many towns but unless you know what to avoid when looking for a tattoo shop, you could end up getting poor service. Finding a perfect shop starts with you; it is your body after all. Good communication, hygiene, licensing and so on are some of the things you should look for in a tattoo shop.