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Welcome to Tormented Souls

Get tattooed, feel better!

Long Island Tattoo Shop

Tormented Souls offers a comfortable and welcoming environment for all our clients with services including custom tattooing, piercing and quality jewelry for any body modification. Our Tattoo skills cover all styles in both color and black & grey for any size tattoo you’d like. We accept both appointments and walk-ins (please call before to confirm) and charge a very reasonable hourly rate. Call now to book an appointment or to speak to our talented artists.

Tormented Souls - Long Island, NY Tattoo Shop
2090 Jericho Turnpike East Northport, NY 11731
Phone: (631) 623-6263

To download our Release Form please visit:
Tormented Souls Release Form

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About Us

Tormented Souls Tattoo & Piercing opened its doors in 2002 with clientele from all over the world making the trip to East Northport for the opportunity to get inked by some amazing artists. Steve Gagliano, the owner and Artist at Tormented Souls has surrounded him self with talented artists whos vision matches his own. Their goal is to work with their clients in order to give them the best possible ink they could ever imagine.


Love love love... they listen to your wants and make sure that it is perfection and then some. Highly recommend. I get compliments from strangers all the time.

I am so pleased with my experience at this tattoo parlor. From the outside it looks like your typical shop. The inside the same. But what makes this place different was the people. Gina and Alecia were amazing and the owner ( shoot. I forgot his name) was so friendly and amazing. Besides that, my simple tattoo came out exactly how I wanted and my friends Japanese maple leaf left me speechless. I saw a piece the owner finished when the lady left and it seriously was just better then the next. I am so pleased and will go back and refer everyone I know.

Everyone here is an amazing artist! They are very professional and this is the only place I trust to get my tat too done!


Long Island, New York Tattoo Shop

Address: 2090 Jericho Tpke, E. Northport, New York

Phone: (631) 623-6263


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Tormented Souls - Long Island, NY Tattoo Shop
2090 Jericho Turnpike East Northport, NY 11731
Phone: (631) 623-6263


To download our Release Form please visit: Tormented Souls Release Form

What is the best time of year to get a tattoo?

Although tattoo shops will tattoo you all year round, it’s better to get your tattoo in winter. This way you will avoid aggravation from summertime phenomena such as sun, sand and sweat that can prevent your tattoo from healing properly, and may even cause infection.

Do you take walk-Ins?

Yes, we do, but it is not a guarantee that you will be able to get tattooed or pierced, it’s strictly first come, first served. So, if our artists are busy you could have a long wait. To avoid disappointment, it’s better to make an appointment.

Is it OK to get a tattoo if I'm sick?

Definitely not. Put simply: if you’re sick, your immune system will be too weak to fight your illness and heal your tattoo at the same time. What’s more, you run the risk of infecting the artist and other clients in the tattoo parlor.

What type of tattoo should I get? And where should I have it?

Your tattoo can be anything you want. It could be based on a tattoo you’ve seen on the internet, in a book or in a movie. Or perhaps a favorite image, an abstract design or even some lines of text that mean a lot to you. Our artists will advise you on your choice, but the final decision is up to you. We can place the tattoo almost anywhere you like — again, it’s up to you. But remember: a tattoo is for life, so think very carefully before taking your decision.

Do you take checks or credit cards?

No, sorry. Like most tattoo and piercing shops, we’re a cash-only establishment, as well as Zelle, Venmo and we do have an AtM.

How old do you have to be to get a tattoo in NY?

In the state of New York, it’s illegal to get a tattoo unless you’re 18 — even with the consent of a parent or guardian. For this reason, we ask you to bring a valid New York State photo ID or your passport to the tattoo shop as proof of age.

How old do you have to be to get a piercing?

If you’re under 18, we are not permitted to pierce any part of your body (apart from your ears) unless you get written permission from a parent or guardian, signed and notarized on one of our own Tormented Souls consent forms.

How do i make an appointment?

For piercings you can walk in but it is better to make an appointment. For tattoos, you should come down to the tattoo parlor and arrange your appointment in person. There is a standard non-refundable deposit ranging from 60-240 depending on what tattoo you would like to get, which is deducted from the cost of the completed tattoo.

How much does a tattoo cost?

The cost of tattoos varies according to size, amount of detail, number of colors, placement etc. So we can’t give a precise quote until we see the design.

Can i be allergic to the colors?

Yes, it could happen, but in our experience it’s extremely rare. However, if you are prone to allergies we recommend you consult your doctor before going ahead with your tattoo.

Can you tattoo over scars?

It depends. No two scars are alike, and different factors have to be taken into consideration. We recommend you arrange an appointment with one of our artists to discuss the options open in your case. It may be better, for example, to incorporate the scar in the design of the tattoo, or camouflage it rather than attempting to cover it up completely.

Should i tip my tattoo artist or piercer?

Yes, in New York tattoo parlors it is customary to tip tattoo artists, just as you would a hairdresser, as a compliment and a token of your appreciation for a unique job well done. Tips usually start from 15% and can go as high as you like.

Does getting a tattoo hurt?

As the saying goes, “No pain, no gain.” Seriously though, pain is a very subjective thing. Different people react differently to the prick of the tattoo needle; however, in our experience, most clients experience a burning sensation which, after the initial shock, is more of an irritation than a real pain. Having said that, some parts of the body are more sensitive than others. The thighs, calves and buttocks are generally considered the least sensitive, which makes them ideal for your first tattoo.

Is it safe?

All the equipment in our tattoo and piercing shop is sterilized in line with the same hygiene standards and procedures that are used in hospitals. Needles and inks, gloves, razors and other tattooing paraphernalia are single-use and disposable, i.e. used for one tattoo only and thrown away.

What happens to my deposit if I need to reschedule or temporarily cancel my tattoo appointment?

Deposits are not refundable. If you tell us about it at least 48 hours before your appointment, your deposit will remain on hold until you reschedule your visit. If you warn within 24 hours or less, or fail to show up altogether, you will lose your deposit (unless it is a genuine emergency).

Can I bring in my own design?

Yes, by all means, please do. Bring as much reference material as you can — photos, sketches, magazine cuttings, etc — and we’ll use it to create a unique bespoke tattoo. We’ll also give you the benefit of our tattoo-artist eyes and experience to tweak your drawing if it isn’t ideally suited to the tattoo medium.

What should I do to prepare for my visit to the tattoo parlor?

Be sure to eat a hearty meal an hour or two before your appointment. Abstain from alcohol for at least 8 hours prior to your visit, and don’t drink coffee or energy drinks containing caffeine on the day. It’s not a good idea to get a tattoo if you’re feeling ill, weak, stressed, depressed or generally under the weather — you’ll heal faster if you’re fit and happy. If you suffer from an immune-suppressing condition such as diabetes, Hepatitis or HIV, your tattoo will probably take longer to heal; moreover, you’ll need to get authorization from your doctor.

Can you fix/cover-up a bad tattoo I have?

Yes, we can. This would involve taking a look at the tattoo and advising you on the best course of action. If at all possible, it’s better to fix or enhance the tattoo, because the extra tattooing needed to cover it up could be anywhere between 70 and 100% larger than the original tattoo.

What if I want an artist to draw something up for me?

To commission an artist to create a design for you from scratch, you must first put down a non-refundable deposit of $100, (which will come off the price of the finished tattoo). Although our artists don’t work for free, they’re happy to revise the drawing until you’re completely satisfied with it. For copyright reasons, we cannot e-mail you the drawing or allow you to take any copies of it out of the tattoo shop until the tattoo has been completed.

What happens if it gets infected?

In the unlikely event that you get an infection or suffer an allergic reaction, please contact us at once. Experience tells us that what appears initially to be an infection is, in most cases, simply a minor irritation. If you’re suffering from a genuine infection, you should seek medical advice as soon as possible.

Is there anything you won't tattoo?

We don’t do tattoos that are hate-based, obscene, or offensive. Concerning areas of the body that we’re prepared to tattoo, we only do limited work on feet and hands, and we never tattoo the genitals. We reserve the right to refuse our services to anyone, for any reason.

Can the piercer use a piece of jewelry I bring in for a new piercing?

As with all reputable piercing shops, we cannot use a jewelry item unless you purchased it from us. If we don't know the origin of the jewelry, we can’t vouch for its quality. These days, although we still have a certain amount of yellow and white gold jewelry, most of the pieces we stock are made from hypoallergenic implant-grade stainless steel. Plugs and eyelets for stretched piercings are available in either Pyrex or stainless steel, and our range of organics includes wood, stone, bone, and horn. If we don’t have the jewelry item you’re looking for, we can order it at no extra charge.

If I don't have my license, can I use my school or work ID?

Unfortunately not. The rules are very strict — the only identification that New York tattoo and piercing shops can accept is a government issued photo ID, e.g. your passport, state ID card, military ID, or driver's license. Without one of these, we are not permitted to pierce or tattoo you.

Can I have a drink before I get tattooed?

No. It’s a bad idea to consume alcohol before getting a tattoo. For one thing, it can thin your blood, causing you to bleed more profusely, and thus reducing the intensity of the inks. Furthermore, drunken clients often become rude and stupid, making it impossible for the artists to work properly and annoying our other customers.

How do I know which artist to go with?

To find out more about our artists, visit our website now and click to view their portfolios. Alternatively, drop by the New York tattoo parlor and take a longer, more leisurely look at their work. We are home to some of the most talented New York tattoo artists — masters of their craft who consistently create the best tattoos around. A tattoo is the most intimate work of art that you will ever own. It’s always with you, it’s under your skin, and it speaks volumes about you. So, check out our artists well, and go with the one whose style you feel reflects the real you.

How should I care for my tattoo once I leave?

1. Remove Covering after 1 hour.
2. First wash hands, than wash Tattoo with Dial Anti-Bacterial Soap 3-5 times a day.
3. Apply a thin layer of Aquaphor Ointment 4 times a day for 2-3 weeks.
4. Keep Tattoo fresh and open to the air
6. First 2 weeks Avoid Swimming or Soaking in Water. Showering is OK.
7. Always Avoid too much exposure to the sun.
8. Do Not Pick or Scratch Scabs.
9. Keep Tattoo covered with Clean Loose Clothing.
Leave Bandage on for a Minimum of 7 Full Days, Keep Dry. Soak Only to Remove Bandage.

What is your minimum?

Our minimum right now is $150 for a tattoo!


Over the past few years we have had the pleasure to work with amazing businesses throughout Long Island. To show our gratitude, we would like to personally thank the following:

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