Steve Gagliano – Tattoo Artist, Piercer and Owner

Steve Gagliano began tattooing in 2002 and is currently an artist and owner of "Tormented Souls™" Tattoo & Piercing located at 2090 Jericho Turnpike in East Northport, New York. Steve is a traditional artist by trade and is experienced in many forms of artistry including airbrushing, painting, sculpture, glass etching, illustration and worked as a graphic artist for several years before finding his true calling as a Tattoo Artist. He currently resides in Kings Park.

His favorite style of tattooing has more of an illustrated to Realistic look but he is well versed in a wide range of styles in both Black & Grey and Color. He is most well known for his amazing portrait work but his ability to utilize that talent in all facets of his tattooing makes him a well rounded Tattoo Artist with a loyal and growing following.

Steve’s not only a business owner and Tattoo artist but he’s appeared in several major motion pictures including Copycat, Independence Day and most recently in Colin Farrell’s Dead Man Down. In addition to that he’s also the inventor of the first Hands Free Variable Speed Tattoo Pedal called the "Lead Foot™" Tattoo Pedal.