Sal - Piercer and Tattoo Artist

Sal has been professional tattoo artist for more than 9 years, but his experience and knowledge go far beyond that timeline. From a young age he had talent that couldn’t be denied, and as he began tattooing his work and career in the tattoo industry took off without hesitation. Sal is a Long Island native, that has spent much time on the lower east coast tattooing in Florida. He is well known for his black and gray shading, together with women’s portraits and photo realism. His love for the West Coast provided for exceptional art in this area as well. He is preferential to gray and black art, yet he has been able to master the color game as well. Sal’s artwork speaks to his clients and to their viewers. He is extremely easy going and an absolute pleasure to work with in creating your forever art. Give a follow on Instagram @meat_suit_ mechanic Direct Message (DM) or call to set your consult today. Specials offered on black and gray realism/west coast